Kingholm is a rich and sleepy little town that benefits
from trade with nearby dwarf clans and peaceful relations
with baffling traders and gypsies. It has many trading bouses
and storage facilities for minerals and other commodities.

The town is right outside the Tomb of the Forgotten King

Kingsholm (Small Town): Conventional; A L L G ; 5 7 7
gp limit; Assets 4 9 , 8 2 4 gp; Population: 1,732; Mixed ( 7 5 %
human, 1 1 % dwarf, 7% halfling, 4 % gnome, 3 % other).

Authority Figures:
Town Speaker Phodor Landros – leader of the town council
Ian Turbrand – town councilor and innkeeper of the Coronet and Cabbage Inn.

Tyra Yurling – Now known as Tyra Aequitas, Wife of Content Not Found: Veritas-Aequitas
Banjatha Minwitten – town councilor and most potent local arcanist;
Egden Frumm – town councilor and oldest and most respected farmer in town
Gran Stoutbrace – town councilor and owner of the Kingsholm General Store
Hergon Hilltopple – town councilor and most powerful divine spellcaster (Found Dead)

Sannl Ungart – town councilor and trade overseer.
Town Guard: Mia Desarna -captain of the guard

Militia Stands at around 70


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