Barrow Of The Forgotten King

The Burial grounds and last resting place of Theron, The Forgotten king and the original owner of Merthuvial.

Theron had united all the lands eons ago before the fracturing of the world. The lands where in a golden age of peace until his most trusted friend betrayed him. The betrayer assasinated the King and attempted to stage a coup. The Betrayer was successful in killing Theron but not in keeping his own head. The people revolted against him and cursed him to guard the tomb of the beloved king. No one knows the actual name of the Betrayer as those who survived erased his name from history with a vengence.

Eventually his wife and 2 of his truly trusted heroes where buried with Theron along with there legendary weapons. There is a long standing prophecy that states “The king shall rise again to
defend the land.” No one remembers who Theron was anymore much less much else about his legend.

Group 42 did spend alot of there beginning adventure chasing the vengard through the tombs in
Growing Pains
Misplaced Cutlery and Powers
Justice and Restoration

The tomb in the end got sacked of the weapons and the bones of Theron. The enemy escaped to the Underdark with them before the group arrived.

Barrow Of The Forgotten King

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