Fractured Lands

Final round

No happy ending

We did not do a full write up for this particular game but here’s the rough overview

Both teams end up going through the portal. One went to destroy his brother and attempt to free his father. In the end his father dies and his brother is killed. The last piece of Freya is obtained. The other group finds and rescues a young boy with tremendous holy powers who turns out to be the son of Veritas. In the end Veritas himself comes to hell to save his son but is trapped himself in doing so.

They battle there way out and seal the portal. They give the Freya priestest her last piece unleashing yet another evil god on the Fractured lands. The whole continent is at war. Demons are everywhere. There are war horns being sounded on all sides and false king has been had. The people are revolting.

Worse of all the gods have gone silent. The followers of Veritas are slowly losing there powers. The group splits up. Some stay with the boy. Others return home to try and fight off the inevitable. The gnomes start to rebuild the Wizards college.


RobertMiles RobertMiles

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