Fractured Lands

A giant mech by any other name

The heroes find themselves in a mostly wrecked leaf jeep and facing a 6 story demon and thousands upon thousands of demon’s pouring through the portal. There only chance is to radio for re-reinforcements but the antenna is broken. The group fails to try and fix it with any sense of stealth and gain the attention of one of the lesser demons flying everywhere. They fight until they finally manage to radio support and it comes.

Armored gnomes start falling to the ground all over the landscape and start a giant shooting match with legions of devils. The gnomes call in to there orbital station and call down there biggest weapon. A 6 story giant Robot. The heroes are tossed inside to fight this giant devil and dispite loosing complete control of one of the arms manages to fight back. Eventually they unleash a giant 2 handed sword and cut the devils head right off.

Telkar then unleashes all the power in the core straight into the rift. Thousands of demons are destroyed in a split second and the portal is closed at last. Unfortunatly the Robot is completely drained and useless now. Zulan gives Telkar “The Book of Prophecy” so that he may eventually decode and know the truth of what they face. They all make there way to the priestess at last to rejoin the main group.

When all everyone, including a new adventurer Sonmal SIlverkin finally meet up with the priestess they find out that they had already uncovered the artifact of Spirit on Telkar’s adventurers and that Abdul had secured the site of the fire relic on his adventures. All 10 make their way to the desert cave of Shaytan.

When they finally meet up with Abdus he instructs half of the crew to remain outside to guard their backs.

Abdul Akheer, Telkar, Torgal orcsbane, Sinead Shadowstalker and Sonmal SIlverkin all dive into the portal followed by Abdus and Antar.

Meanwhile Hewitt Gearbit, Tim Turtle, Thokk, Adotiln Shortankard and Emma Shortankard await outside to guard the portal. After an hour they are greated by a army of knights of Veritas demanding entry. Some banter is traded back and forth but in the end the small group of 5 decides to fight.


RobertMiles RobertMiles

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