Kel Teara

The main capital city of New Kel Teara. It is the largest city on the continent.

Population: 12,273; Mixed ( 70 % human, 11 % dwarf, 9% Elven 2% halfling, 3 % other).

The city is open to all races and sentient creatures but the majority of the populace is human. The city gains most of it’s income from Trade. Ships sail all over the world from the port. All races come to the city to trade. Even hated enemies can trade freely in Kel Teara.

The city is also a mecca for most of the major religions of the land boasting a very impressive temple district.

The city is ran by the counsel of Hero’s which is comprised of hero’s who have one a all out contests of hero’s held once a decade.

The City houses temples to most of the gods and the new religion worshiping The One God
CORRECTION – Temple worship of the one god has gone out of style for some reason and the populous has gone back to worshiping the gods of old

City Militia consist of around
800 City Guards

Kel Teara

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