Fractured Lands

Reunions and ruin

The party re-unites a year later. Each has spent there time striving for some personal goal or another. The Priestess adds 2 new members to the party as well. Torgal orcsbane ,a Dwarven Knight, joined to prove his mantle. While Willis DeHughes, a Human Hex Blade, has decided to join for reasons unknown. The group is tasked with finding the second part of the artifact. The group travels to city walled in by trees and are meet by rangers and animals in there attempts to enter the temple. The group runs into an old friend. Meechum is barring there way and he has a new pet rhino.

Twist, turns and death

The remaining members clear the country side of threats are then tasked to find the source of all troubles and are told to look to the old keep. After fighting several of the denizens the group accidently releases a Troll. In the battle the group is scattered and the loss of Irissa Sunstrider and Damnit. Luckily Sinead ShadowStalker and Telkar ventured into the ruins. One looking to abolish the shadow and the other in search or magical power. Together with the rest of the party they manage to trap the troll and prevail against the Shadow-mage/Lich and recovered the artifact and sword.

After returning the items and gaining a small sum on gold a fight breaks out between Thokk and the two brothers. The rest of the party joins the match and the Brothers run with the money. In the flight Titus Proudmor is struck down by Thokk. Meachum Proudmor confronted the priestess and then went missing.

The group is given information and clues to very personnal quests and in return asked to return in one year. All agreed and went there own ways

So you want to be a hero?

After the adventurers had rested and woken the next morning they where the priestess Shandril asks for the groups assistance. The orc clan that raided the city have been known to her for decades and they have never attacked. Travelers are disappearing and any of the scouts sent out have not returned. The group is given several key locations where people have been known to go missing and asked to investigate.

Due to the recent attack though she worries for the town and asks Thokk to stay behind. In his stead she introduces a Paladin of Freya, Irissa Sunstrider, who just recently arrived from the Elven Capital. Together the team decides to head to the closest are of interest.

After a day and a half travel by foot and small battle with blood sucking bugs the team finds bloody tracks leading away into a corpse of trees. After tracking the blood through the woods they find themselves face to face with a owl-bear. The team manages to kill the owlbear and skin the beast for a trophy or money? Who can say.

The journey to the next marker was interrupted by a group of goblins lead by a ogre. The group fought bravely and in true paladin fashion Irissa Sunstrider sacrifices herself trying to fight the beast and is hit so hard that there isn’t even a recognizable part that one could say was human. As the beast was on the next move to finish Damnit bolts of black energy come smashing out of the forest laying low the beast.

Walking out of the forest is the fabled Zoltan, without even pausing to speak to the group he lifts the bodies of the Ogre and what remains of Irissa. He proceeded to crush the Ogre, removing his blood and infusing and filling the body of Irissa. After he was finished she was found whole and alive. Zoltan giving his ancient hand signal simply said “Everybody gets one.” and disappeared

Finally they reached the area and found a large run down tower with the sound of the most wonderful female singing a sad song accompanied by a poorly played harp.As the group argues what there next move should be Damnit decided to take matters into his own hand and simply knock on the door. The harp music stopped immediately and suddenly the ground shook and the door banged open revealing a giant 2 headed Ettin. One head seemed to be asleep and the one awake actually spoke to the adventurers. After some skillful diplomacy from Irissa Sunstrider they find he’s actually only half evil and luckily for them the evil half is asleep. They barter the owl-bear skin for the girls freedom.

Having successfully rescued the girl without bloodshed the team ventures back to Fairhill and returns the girl to her father the local blacksmith. He is so grateful he crafts a single Masterwork Platemail suit as a reward.

End Of The Line

Our Heroes find themselves surrounded by the ancient heroes of the one god, but they are easly defeated. Before the last man falls, the locked doors to the room would bang loudly from the sound of more champions from the one god try to break in the door. Just when it seems that they’re about to break in, there’d be a brilliant flash of light. After it goes out, there wouldn’t be a single sound from the other side of the door, until the gods themselves walk through the doors. They’d inform us that the time to fight the one god is upon us, and they open a portal, and step through it, telling us first, to wait briefly, before following them.

Once enough time has gone by, they start to approach the portal, when it turns red, and they’re all thrown back away from it. Out from the portal, steps a general of hell, and two Balors. The battle with these demons is long, and difficult, the Balor’s raining fire down on us. One of them, locked in a mighty struggle with Veritas, ending up decapitating the paladin before he’s put down. The general is finally defeated with the help of Drax’s silver dragon friend.

Once the demon’s have been defeated, they prepare themselves and step through the portal. Our heroes now find themselves standing on clouds covered in flames, the air as solid as ground. Off in the distance, the gods battle the One God. Not far away, are five Balor’s, channeling power into the One God. They move to stop them, and rising out of the fiery clouds before them, is the god of Death. He tells them that he’s come to take them, and starts to approach them, when another portal opens, and the god of Donkeys, larry charges out of it and into the god of Death, both of them falling down to the earth, far below. The god saying on his way down, “I have my own champions!”. The evil god’s champions are easily dealt with, dropping like flies.

Now that there’s nothing left between them, and the five Balor’s, they each walk up to one, and use thier special relics to destroy them, the One God being thrust back into his realm, where he’ll be bound to for all time.

Soul Crystals

After they’re greeted by the odd, old man named Zedd. He tells them he will help them get what they’re here for, The crystals, after they help him defend his keep. Zedd takes some time to explain to them how their magic functions on this plane of existence. Not long after this, the group goes out in front of the keep by a narrow bridge that spans a deep cavern, waiting for their attackers, and preparing themselves.

Not long after they’ve finished preparing themselves, down out of the sky swoops six large short tailed Gars. Their blood flies buzzing all about them as they land on the other side of the bridge. One of them stalks foreword towards the group while Avrouke calls down a flame strike into the middle of the rest of the Gars, making them skater and use nearby buildings for cover. After the Gars are put down, Zedd would shout down to them about a portal that needs to be closed, just as it opens up across the bridge, and a giant demon steps out of it. After battling with the demon, Zoltan would figure out that he can close the portal, and starts doing so, but not before a second demon can make it out. The second demon falls quicker than the first, and the portal is closed.

Now that their work is done and the keep is safe, Zedd takes them to get the soul crystals inside the keep. After they have them, a portal is opened and they step through it.

They now find themselves back on their home plane and make their way back to the council, who were there, waiting for them. They explain to the group how the ritual works and tell them it’s important that they not struggle or fight the process. After the ceremony is over, and they’ve each had a soul crystal infused into their bodies they’d go to another room, filled with others like them. Once there, they’d get pushed into the center of the room by a great force, and are held there. Sitting atop a throne, would be the One King, who demands that Veritas returns his sword to him. Which he does, very reluctantly. Veritas is then asked to do something, to prove that he is no longer Veritas, and that he has been taken over by the soul from the crystal. They ask him to murder a man in cold blood. He can’t do it, and instead tries to tell the man to run, which everyone notices. Veritas is immediately set upon, but before the man can strike him, Merthuvial would jut out of his chest, the One King having run him through. The One King grins at Veritas and says. “Hey mate.” And shifts into Sam.

To Be Continued.

Other universes

The team finally fly out the portal on a completely different planet. Avrouke using his Knowledge of the planes quickly figures out that they are on paralleled universe. The area they came out is vaguely jungle like. The team searches the area to find what they believe is a road made of black stone with no signs of where the stone starts or ends. It’s as if the road was completely made of one long rock with a straight line down the middle.

< Out of Character. This is a planet from a Mechwarrior campaign. Next 2 journals are done per player request>

The team follows the road until at one part there is seems large thudding from within the jungle. The group could even see trees falling. Eventually a large metal construct comes walking backwards shooting flames of light back at something in the jungle. The Group, unsure of what it was attacked. They managed to jump up and shoot the construct in the head only to have it fall. Then they found out what the construct was shooting at. Hordes of undead. Huge undead beasts and beast comprised of many undead.

The group finds as they battle the undead that the head of the construct opens and inside was a man, now dead. They find 3 of the soul crystals they are searching for as they do another portal opens up to take them to there next universe on there search for more soul crystals. The group jumps through to escape the undead and find themselves in front of a huge mountain fortress. They are greeted by a man who calls himself….Zedd


The players jump through the portal and find themselves once again stopped in the Ethereal plane. This time it seems that the orc spirit shaman has enough of trying to trick the group and just wants to sever there lives once again. The group is hopeless against him until Larry, Donkey God arrives and saves the day. As he saunters away the group is brought away from the portals destination by divine power and brought once again to The Hall of Gods.

Pelor greets the group and explains that where they are being sent is beyond their power. To survive they must unlock the last stage of power dormant in the artifacts they hold. Each must face his challenge and as soon as the group agrees each is whisked off to separate places.

Heironeous explains to Veritas that he need not prove himself. His challenge is to exact the justice he has sought from the beginning. He is teleported to a room and faces the 3 men who kidnapped his sister so long ago. During the battle he learns that his sister has become a bandit herself and is still alive somewhere.

Pelor tells Avrouke that to bring the light to the dark you must use both your brain and your brawn. He is teleported to a room and across from him sits a cleric of Nerull. Each can cast only buffing spells on themselves and only so long as they do not advance. Once you advance you can no longer cast any spells. Also once one advances so must the other.

Martin is asked to blind the eye that wants to destroy all that is natural. Martin is pitted against 3 Orc Rangers. Each fully equipped and trained in the ways of the bow.

Bocob tells Zoltan that he must fix his mistake for walking away from the true path of knowledge and is pitted against the true form of the demon who has tried to violate Zoltan so many times before.

Drax is cheered by Bahamut for the destruction of so many evil dragons but that to unlock the blade only the blood of the Red Dragon will do. Drax is pitted against a full adult Red dragon.

The battles all start simultaneously. Martin is first to pass his challenge and destroys the orcs with out breaking a sweat. When he does his bow changes form and appearence and gains a significant amount of power. Three portals open up before him and he leaps through the first and finds himself in Veritas challenge. Veritas wants no help dispatching his foes and Martin complies and waits.

Finally Veritas wins and 3 more portals open. Veritas goes through 1 and Martin goes through 3. Veritas ends up with Avrouke and helps him destroy the cleric while Martin ends up with Drax. Zoltan finishes his challenge by himself and ends up in Drax’s challenge. In the end everyone weapon is transformed with a new look and additional power. The gods congratulate them and soon the party is back through the portal on their way towards there original destination. Where ever that is?

Faith's Reward

The group travels back to Kel Teara and brings the broken pieces of the Avenger sword to the priests of Hieronious. They confirmed with one another and came to the decision that even though the sword was shattered the prophecy stated that who ever brought the sword back to the people would be the new commander and leader of the church. It didn’t say it was going to be whole. Veritas decided that the last adventure was a little close to home. So not only was he deemed the Commander of the church of Hieronious but he also married his fiance that very day.

After a week of rest and putting there things in order they are summoned to the Council. Again they are heralded as it’s proclaimed that of the other only 2 remaining groups one has died and the other has quit. Group 42 are the winners of the contest. Each is given a new home in the upper quarter and herald a true hero of Kel Teara. The Council then tells the adventurers that to truly become a member of the council there is one more quest that isn’t divulged to the public.

The Council informed the group that they must find soul crystals and bring them back. When they do they will be merged with the heroes trapped in them and take their place as members of The Council. The crystals where created before the breaking and with the breaking where scattered across the planes. They must travel to a portal that sits on merging lay lines. It has enough power to take them to the general area of where the gems are and bring them back.

Veritas is also gotten a follower. Simon Ironford, a war cleric, has swore to be Veritas’s cohort and venture for where ever he goes. The group, along with the additions of camp followers that now follow Veritas everywhere. Travel out to this dungeon with only a few run ins. As they reach the cave the followers set up camp outside to wait.

Inside is a vast portal but that’s not all. Estaban is there. The group has ruined his plans to get his nephew to win the contest and wants his revenge. He is accompanied by 2 beholders and a hydra. The group doesn’t even give Estaban chance to finish his sentence before they fill him full of holes. They make short work of the other three and after resting up they jump through the portal.

Test of Faith

Our adventurers make there trip back to the small town, through the desert and to the lost temple. Along the way they are waylaid by servants of Orcus trying to stop them from reaching the temple. The party makes short work of them but who they really fear is Veritas. There very own Paladin. He is plagued by nightmares and is constantly in a struggle for control of his soul with the cursed blade. After a few days the team starts tying him up at night.

The nightmares increase and his control over the sword gets worse. The group really starts to get worried and now keeps him tied up at all times. After they pass through the slaughtered village the group doesn’t think Veritas is going to make it. They talk amongst each other and decide that they would rather kill him then let him lose his internal battle with Orcus. In the morning when they go to him and explain to him what must be done is when the strangest thing happend. Veritas agreed! He doesn’t trust himself and he worries that he might hurt his friends and eventually his family.

Drax lays Veritas low with one swift blow from his axe. The group carries on till they rest for the evening only to see the end of the world and eternity. They awaken back to the morning before with Veritas alive and still tied to a tree. The group now sure they are loosing there own minds continues it’s trek. After 2 more days they finally make the valley and the temple itself. They prepare themselves and enter the caves.

Inside they find demons running rampant through the area. On top of that, Veritas’s pregnant fiance is layed out on the far alter. Battle ensues and Veritas takes the battle to the celestial who finally shows her true form as a power demon herself. In the meantime Zoltan attempts to bypass the demons and rescue Veritas’s betrothed. Unfortunatly she is already possessed and grapples Zoltan and dives into the large pit in the room killing them both instantly on impact. The group finishes off the demons as Veritas finds a secret room and the true avenger sword. Using the True sword he smashes the cursed sword on the alter and shatters both swords.

He instantly awakens in the temple with the celestial touching his head. She pulls back and changes once again to a demon. The whole thing was in his head. The rest of the group saw the angel touch Veritas and him just stand there as they fought the hordes of demons. The Paladins of Heironous had never been changed, Zoltan was alive and his betrothed was still alive. There was one loss though. Veritas found the same secret chamber he did in his mind and found the true avenger sword….shattered in pieces.

Can a Paladin get a break?

The group accompany the gnomes to there homeland to find it under assault by bands or dark elves. The Team takes point in front of the gate and defend it against gangs of soldiers rushing the gates. They also meet there counterparts mixed in and managed to kill or capture them all. In desperation the enemy unleashes a beast that disintegrates everything it touches. The gnome lands had been evacuated while they fought but where caught in a corner. They where saved by larry though in the end who opened a portal and charged the beast head first knocking it to the ground. Drax rides off on his dragon companion and the others jump through the portal.

The group falls on Estabon who was about to read there list on of the fallen. Drax rides into the fields upon his dragon. This annoys Estabon so he sends Veritas on a quest to become head of his paladin by retrieving the holy avenger sword. The team takes the challange as they must and travel a long way to the demon sanctuary. After hosts of Orcus’s minions they manage to free an angel/celestial who called Veritas the worthy and handed him the Avenger sword. During this time zultan was slain in combat and is tortured in hell. Something happend there that he doesn’t want to talk about.

While staying in a small town on the way back to Estaban, Veritas has nightmares of demons and they all awaken to the whole town slaughtered to a man. They continue to the temple and Veritas (thinking it’s what he is suppose to do) plunges the sword into the altar. Unfortunatly it wasn’t the blessed sword but a cursed sword that veritas cannot get rid of without getting the real Holy Avenger sword. This destroyed his gods connection to this world and cursed the temple itself.

The evil powers released during killed most of his order and turned them into skeletal statues. Veritas and crew now must return to the lost temple and attempt to retrieve the real sword and remove this curse and restore Heironoius’s connection to this plane.


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