Fractured Lands

Old Relationships

The party returns to the city of Kel Teara to find the city still closed to them. Estaban puts on airs and begs the group to bathe as there smell offends him. They are given stones to alert them when they need to return to the city for the next mission but warns them it could be some time till then. The party bribes a few people for entry but it told it will take time to get the process going. Zoltan meets Wee Jas and she gives him directions to the burial location of the first warlock and her artifact.

The party travels the plains and finds a cave…mostly by falling into it. They confront several demons and even kill a Giant Octopus. Finally they find the end and the tomb of the first warlock. Awaiting them though is Iblis (the demon who attempted to impale zoltan at his transformation). After some crude remarks back and forth the group takes some cheap shots at the demon’s nether region causing him to run back to hell in pain. Afterwards Matthew’s ghost arises from his crypt and testes Zoltan’s power. Seeing Zoltan’s power over souls he gives him his soul wand.

Justice and Restoration

Pushing further into the dungeon the group finds the next entrance partially blocked. Veritas climbs over just to find 3 Varag waiting for battle. Hampered by the blocked entrance the team manages to climb over and defeat the enemy with no casualties. They pressed on to a underground waterfall where they met a water guardian. After some diplomacy the Guardian decided to not destroy the adventurers and let them carry on but warned them of the tomb spider ahead. Unfortunately while the party conversed with the creature the female rouge they rescued disappeared and escaped to the surface. The party went up after her but she was no where to be found. The party spends some time in town resting and praying to there various gods.

Veritas racked with guilt for his failure to perform and being rebuked by his patron god went on a charitable venture to hopefully absolve himself. He made a small donation at the temple and paid a visit to the young lady they had rescued in the catacombs on the first day arriving. Seeing Veritas as her rescuer she quickly invited him inside. Veritas offered her money to help her recover from the tragedy of loss family and help her get back on her feet. She only wanted his company. The two spent the evening together. The rest of the party had dinner and rested at the tavern on Veritas’s coin. Finally the team went back into the dungeon to hopefully finish this once and for all.

They battled the brooding hordes of spiders and faced off against a giant tomb spider. The monster managed to hit Drax and wound him really bad and was poisoned. Avrouke seeing this rushed to his side and cast his healing spells on Drax. Unknown to both Drax and Avrouke the poison did something more then just cause damage. It reversed the effects of positive energy and negative energy inside his body. So when Avrouke used his divine positive energy to heal Drax, instead of being healed was killed. The party managed to kill the spider without any further injuries. They grabbed Drax’s body and brought it back to the being at the waterfall.

On another plane of existence Drax’s soul ended up in the domain of his god Bahamut. He met the great dragon and was rebuked for meeting his fate so early and not at the hands of there true enemy. Bahamut released Drax’s soul and sent his soul shooting back to his body. On the material plane the water guardian told the group that he could bring his body back if the soul was willing. He warned that Drax would not be the same and may even be upset on how he returns though. The group agreed and Drax was resurrected….as a human. Not having another week to wait to restore Drax’s body to his dragonborn form the group continued on with Drax feeling a bit upset at his form but they all promised as soon as it was done they would pool there money to help him restore his draconic powers.

As the team went deeper they came into rooms where the walls themselves moved to show the story of the lost king. The first picture….

“A magic painting depicts a spring day on a high, green hill, making it seem as if the sun reaches this room as well as the green slope. You can almost smell apple blossoms and awakening flowers.
People in fine clothes stand around the hill, and it is as if you are among them. Central in the scene is a tall, raven-haired man dressed in shining plate armor, kneeling before a blond man and a red-haired woman, each wearing golden crowns. The image fades, and the light diminishes but doesn’t go out.”

The second picture…

“The room quickly fills with the image of the hill you saw before, now covered in brown grass, flames leaping into the sky off in the distance. The dark-haired man in shining armor wields two
curved swords, battling howling goblinoids and baying wolves. Beside him fights the blond king wielding a black longsword. Light sparkles on the blade and the king’s crowned helmet.
The red-haired woman holds her ground behind and between the two, her staff held aloft as lightning strikes her foes. Your hair stands on end and your skin tingles, as if electricity were
really in the air. As the image fades, you take note again of the doors and the stairs in the magic half-light of the room”


“Snow covers the hill, but bloodstains clash with the mud and frost. The blond king has fallen to one knee, his left arm hanging useless at his side. Bestial humanoids surround him
as he caresses the cheek of the red-haired woman lying mortally wounded before him. Behind the golden-haired king stands the raven-haired knight, his silver armor stained with
blood and his eyes wild with triumph, wrath, and greed. He holds the king’s crown aloft with one hand as his curved blade slices down at the king in the other. As the image fades,
the dim light reveals a plain stone door to the east.

They find a undead Paladin and Cleric guarding the area and dispatch them with some trouble. Luckily Martin had saved his silver arrows and it allowed them to bypass the Paladin’s touch armor and Damage resistance. Finally they venture down into what appears to be a throne room with statues of knights riding mounts. The lost king himself sits upon his throne and beckons the adventures to come forward and speak with him. The party though doesn’t trust him and senses he is lying. Veritas, failing to sheath his weapon can sense this king is evil to the core and the so called king had enough of deception.

Leaping to his feet, the man on the throne draws his blades and descends from the dais. As he does, the bejeweled throne fades into a plain stone seat. The man’s hair withdraws
under the crown, and his skin grays and runs, revealing bone and muscle beneath. His armor sags and corrodes, seemingly grafting to his distended flesh along with the
crown, which has lost all luster. Lidless, his eyes burn with madness. “How dare you come here?” he howls. “Now you shall share my pain. Knights, to arms!” The statue of the mounted figure in the corner changes to reveal a lance-bearing skeletal warrior atop a skeletal horse. The party gets just a glimpse as he was turning of the face of the betrayer himself.

The group springs into action and immediately control the room and attack the two skeleton knights while Veritas angered at the injustice of this creature attacks the Betrayer by himself. The group quickly finds that this battle may be to much for them and cry out to there individual gods for assistance. Zultan calls on Boccob for knowledge of there enemy and is treated to detailed information on the three enemies in a flash in his mind. Boccob also told Zultan that this whole room was a fake and that the truth was nearby. Being far back from the group Martin finds himself face to face with one of the knights and with no help. Martin calls out to the Goddess of elves for assistance and is greated the voice of Corellon Larethian and Ehlonna in his mind telling him that “We are here with you” as a portal opens up and out comes a dire wolf that jumps infront of the skeleton knight and protects martin. The group attack the Skeleton knight on Martin in hopes of quickly taking it out but that leaves Veritas now fighting the Betrayer and the second skeleton knight by himself.

Avrouke seeing that Veritas was quickly losing ran to his side and continously healed his wounds saving the Paladin’s life. The rest of the group finished off the first skeleton and then moved on to the second one. Veritas still fought the Betrayer trading insults back and forth as each attempted to destroy the other. Veritas called out to his god Heironeous for power and was rewarded with his god telling him “Not yet.” Finally the party killed the last skeleton knight and they all attacked the Betrayer together. At last Veritas could hear in his mind the command from Heironeous “Now!” Veritas’s yelled out “Justice!” as his sword was enveloped in holy flames and he struck down the betrayer, his body becoming nothing more then dust.

Once the battle was done Zoltan used his arcane sight on the room looking for the truth Boccob warned about. He quickly found a hidden magical door which he managed to bypass the lock and trap and continue downward.

The narrow stairs give way to a wide room lit by a faint white light. Four statues stand in the wide area where the room opens up, each apparently ensorcelled to add a lifelike aspect to it. One represents a tall male human who has a salt-and¬ pepper beard, plate armor, and a symbol of Heironeous emblazoned on his shield. His brown eyes flash, and his black hair blows in an illusory wind. Another shows a female elf dressed in armor made from overlapping metal leaves. Her tall bow is made of ivory, and the green of her cloak seems to blend into the background of the room. She
crouches in a hunter’s stance, peering off into the distance at an unseen target. The red-haired woman from the paintings you’ve seen is depicted in the third statue. Her hair, kept in check by a silver circlet set with a gleaming diamond, falls in waves down her back, over her white and gold robes. In one hand, she holds a staff tipped with a dragon’s head. Her other hand stretches out to the statue across the room—a kingly figure. The gold crown on his head nearly blends into his blond, flowing hair. The man’s blue eyes shimmer in the dim light as he stares across the room at the red-haired woman. He holds a black longsword point down in one hand. The man’s other hand is held out, palm upward, toward the statue of the woman. Beyond the statues, sarcophagi along the southern wall have been wrenched open, their lids cast to one side. From where you stand, you can’t see the eastern part of the room, but you can tell the shouting and ringing come from there.

As the party turned the corner they find two more thoughtlessly opened sarcophagi occupy the eastern portion of the room. Here also, swinging a pick at the floor is a male hobgoblin clad in half-plate, his black hair shorn close to his scalp. Nearby stands a slight but imposing man in rich violet robes, reptilian scales on his forehead and bald pate, as well as his bright yellow eyes, marking him as
not quite human. He leans wearily on an ornate spear. “Fools!” he sputters. “You’ll ruin everything!”

The party makes short work of them but Xeron manages to escape into another tunnel which the party surmises as the underdark.

All four of the statues look to Veritas. The statue of the king looks up, and a translucent apparition steps forward. He speaks in a strong but somehow distant voice, smiling warmly. “Thank you, my friends. It is good to see that heroism remains in this world. My time to return is not now, but it might be soon. In my time it was prophesied that my rule would end prematurely, but
that I would return to aid the world in its most dire struggle. I sense that time coming, but my bones have been stolen, and if they are not recovered, I don’t know if the prophecy can be fulfilled. The villains stole my bones, and the weapons of my wife and my champions! Those arms are very powerful and should not be used in the service of evil. Still, they did not get this….”

King Theron reaches down into a sarcophagus and. through its bottom. When his hand emerges, it holds a black longsword that glows with a silvery light. “This weapon, ”wiki-content-link-not-found">_Content Not Found: Merthuvial_" he says, “once helped me save a kingdom. May it aid you in your heroics and serve as thanks from a forgotten king.” After handing you the sword, the apparition disappears, as do the lifelike images on the other statues. The quiet of stone and death pervades the area the light of the magic blade shining brightly. Veritas takes up the blade and the party leaves the dungeon.

Once on the surface they are once again called by there gods to meet at the temple and are transported back to the Hall of Gods. Pelor congratulates them all on a job well done. Heironeous tells Veritas that he is now worthy of the title Paladin of Heironeous and Veritas’s full powers are restored to him. The party is informed that this is the first of many legendary artifacts they must collect if they are to be able to become powerful enough complete there quests on this world. They are given a choice to pick any one of the gods and they will tell them of there artifact. They question each god and as Drax asks Bahumut about his quest the dragon tells him he is not currently worthy of wielding his weapon in his current form. The dragon breaths dragon fire at Drax and burns his flesh leaving only scales behind. Drax is restored to a DragonBorn proper. The group in the end decides to accept the quest for the Soul Wand from Wee-Jas.


The party prepares to re-enter the tombs when Avrouke feels compelled to visit the temple of Pelor. It’s a calling he cannot resist. When he arrives he finds the funny cleric of Olidammara waiting for him at the shrine. The cleric says “Bring your group here. Then call to Pelor. The gods funniest trick is about to start.” After bringing his group and praying at the alter of Pelor a portal opens on the alter. The cleric leads them through to a large open room with many doors. Each door has the insignia of a god emblazed on the front. Each member makes there way through each door and is met with a challenge based on there selection of god. The door of the god of Bahamut already stands open.

Avrouke is given the challenge of Faith and is made to jump off a cliff to continue.
Veritas is given the challenge of Valor and is given the choice between the life of a young girl or his own.
Martin is given the challenge of Serenity. He must meditate and concentrate while the forest around him burns.
Zultan is given the challenge of Future and is transformed based on his answers.

Sam opens the door of Olidammara and finds a brick wall. The cleric explains that he has already passed Olidammara’s test. The cleric is Olidammara and gives Sam the option to carry on with his journey or to follow Olidammara to play the greatest trick of all. Sam disappears into the portal and is gone….for now.

Each member is transformed in there challenge to something else.

Avrouke is transformed into a member of the Aasimar. A race mixed of human (dwarf in his case) and a outside Celestial being. Pelor reveals that he replaced his fathers seed with his own (divinely) and that Avrouke is his son.

Veritas is strengthened and his Celestial half is brought forth as well. Veritas is the half son of Heironeous himself. Heironeous knights Veritas properly and gives him the true tenants of a Paladin.

Martin meets Corellon Larethian the god of Elves and she tells him a brief history of the beginning of elves and how they have lost there touch with the Fey. Martin is sent to the fey for 100 years to train under the Master and reconnects with his roots. After which he finds only 10 minutes have passed.

Zultan was not able to open the door to his Deity Boccob but after trial and error he finds that the door of Wee Jas opens for him. He meets with Wee Jas who says she will grant him true power but he must make the decision. She asks him 3 questions and concludes he is to master the power of souls. Wee Jas tells Zultan that the power must be given Carnally and asks him to undress. After he does she summons a 8 foot daemon and holds him down magically. Just as the daemon is about to violate Zultan a thunderclap sounds through the room as Boocab arrives. He dismissed the daemon and rebukes Wee Jas in meddling with his business. Despite his appearance the deal has been settled and Wee Jas demands he be transformed into a Warlock. Boocab agrees but says he will do it his way. He calls forth the souls of wizards of past and channels them into Zultan. When Zultan arises he has a new understanding and power just sitting at the tips of his fingertips.

After the groups transformation the group come into a room with thrones in a circle in various sizes. Atop sit the gods themselves as they look down on the adventures. Pelor welcomes the adventurers and tells them the story of why the world broke. This is what he said

Long ago the world was one land. United and the gods had power and where able to freely maneuver on this plane. Great nations where built and although there was some war and strife it was no more then any other planet on this plane. The greatest nation took it’s greatest hero’s and put there souls into crystals with magic which allowed them to pass on to a new host when they passed. This angered the gods because the souls where theirs, not to be perverted. This nation in a effort to combat the gods made a deal with a new god that they called “The one God”. The power and perversion was more then the gods could handle and together the gods physically came to this world and defeated the one god. The power needed to defeat The one god Split the world and caused the land masses you see today. The wild magic and divine power was so out of control that the gods had to remove themselves from the world least it pull itself apart. They sealed the world off to prevent the one god from physically coming to this world again. Unfortunately that meant the other gods could not come to the world either. So through out the ages they have called on great hero’s to be there vassals. To allow them to do their divine work and channel there power without breaking the seal.

You where all put here on purpose. The seal is weakening and there are those who are trying to bring back the ways of the once great nation of past. Seeing this the gods planted each one of you. You must all win this silly contest so you can be in a place of power to make the proper strike against our foe. Beware, we have enemies and they have certainly put there agents in play as well. Do not be afraid. We can see where ever there are those that exemplify each gods standard and anywhere our names are used. We will be watching.

After leaving the Throne room of the Gods the party finds itself at the entrance back to there plane of existence where they meet Drax. He is the champion of Bahamut and will travel with the group as demanded by his god.


The group, after resting, head back down into the Tomb of the lost king. They climb through a small opening that was obviously dug out with tools. Once through they found themselves in a magical Labyrinth. Each room was roughly dug out with strange writing all over the walls and a giant rune in the middle of the room. The minute the party took one step into the room each rune would come to life and conjure a infernal creature to ward off the adventurers. At one point a seemingly un-hostile light appeared but Veritas scared it away. They wondered the maze fighting giant face eating weasels, Dire wolverines and Magma Mephits. Zoltan spent most of his time attached to the walls and ceilings raining eldritch bolts down on the enemies thanks to his new spider climb ability. Martin gets ambushed by 2 sneaky wolverines who come up behind the group at one point and almost parishes.

After a long trek through and battle after battle they finally managed to find the end of the maze only to be confronted with what appears to be Hextor himself. Hextor quickly singles out Veritas and points his fingers and says a command word and Veritas dies instantly. While Hextor laughs and starts his way to the surviving members, Veritas finds himself once again in the home plane of his god. After journeying to his castle he is rebuked for being dead….once again before his time. After explaining his death they quickly go and summon the Aid of Pelor and arrive on the material plane just as Hextor is about to dish out some serious punishment to the group. “Begone!” Yelled Pelor and with a swipe of his hand banished Hextor. Veritas finds himself back in his body once again and the group carries on.

At the exit they find a large underground lake and across the way on a land mass they see a hurt female half-elf that seems to be on the verge of death. Drax jumps across to stone pillars sticking out of the water as giant runes under the water flare up. As they do 2 giant slugs emerge from the depths and the runes go dark. Veritas, having been recently smacked for lack of valor by his god, choose this time to start being a true paladin and jumped across to help Drax. Unfortunately his jumping skills where not as big as his ambition and he smacks into the side of the pillar and falls into the water. Zoltan climbs the walls, while Avrouke and Martin stay at the edge of the pit.

Veritas manages to climb up onto the pillar just in time for the second slug to arrive and get attacked. The party quickly dispatches the slugs with little difficulty except that as soon as they do the runes flare up and 2 more are summoned. They also notice a crystal ball like device that glows with the runes. Zoltan ignores all of them and makes a run for the hurt girl. Finally when he arrives he realizes he can’t do anything for her anyway. No heal spells, No potions, No kits… At last he makes his way to the crystal ball all the while the rest of the party is fighting the reoccurring slugs over and over. Drax triggers a trap causing the room to flood over and folks get washed all over the place.

In a act of selflessness Veritas at one point dives into the waters again to save Drax who is getting hit over and over by the Leeches. As he brandishes his sword to strike at the Beast, the sword bursts into holy flames and Veritas manages to finally regain some of his paladin powers and Smite the Leech. Later he finds his Lay on Hands and Detect evil abilities have returned. He has not tried any others yet. Finally Zoltan, running along the ceiling, arrives directly above the globe. He quickly dives straight into the water and attacks the group. With the help of Martin Zoltan manages to destroy the globe and the runes go dead and the slugs disappear.

After healing the woman they find out she was an adventurer (rouge) hired by the people the group is chasing but didn’t know what she was getting into. She relays there are some weird constructs and shadow folks ahead and other info about the enemy they face. She want to leave and get out of the dungeon but the group hasn’t decided what to do with her yet. Supposedly there is a exit behind some kind of waterfall ahead.

Misplaced Cutlery and Powers

After the group and it’s newest member leave hall of the gods and return to there world they plunge right into the crypt. With their newfound powers each member felt they could finish this quest by themselves. A hard lesson was ahead. Drax and Veritas immediately start chatter back and forth on the proper way to skewer this monster or that. Unfortunately Veritas must of been high on his own Paladin juices cause what follows was a horrible. Scholars will look back on these adventures and claim it was the moist dungeon air or that his hands must of been sweaty from constant battle but either way Veritas threw his sword not once but twice in battle. He also missed horribly, Broke a bridge and fell on top of a Ooze monster and generally missed left and right. Drax on the other hand looked like he was chopping wood with kill after kill. He also made sure the Paladin knew it. That was until Drax also lost grip with his weapon. Not only did he throw it but he threw it in a canal of fast moving water. Instead of waiting he dived right in and grappled his axe while the current swept him away.

What happened next will probably follow Veritas for the rest of his life. His god, angered by Veritas’s lack of diplomacy and constantly attacking everything in sight, had enough. He stripped Veritas of his Paladin powers and withdrew his grace from him. Veritas is now just a man with a sword. Zultan on the other hand was having an amusing time blasting everything in sight with his new powers. The pain for our noble paladin was just starting. As the group worked there way further and further downward they came into a fight with a a couple Varag and a zombie. In fear for the lives of his comrades Veritas throws himself at the zombie and loses his life. The party outraged by his death strike the enemy’s low. Veritas (his soul) arrive in Celestia and arrived face to face with his god once more. Unfortunately he was not any more impressed with Veritas’s fighting but Veritas did die a Noble and Honorable death. Perhaps the Paladin was starting to get it. Veritas was re-granted his Celestial form and his soul was sent reeling back into his body. To his chagrin though his powers still hadn’t returned. Heironeous thinks perhaps some time without them will bring about a greater change that lasts.

So with the Paladin without his powers and the Dragon Born warrior lost to the waters the group moves ever further down into the depths. In the last room they meet with Krootad, a evil cleric of Hextor. The group makes it halfway into the room before Krootad hears them and figure out it’s not his comrades. The Cleric quickly revives the skeletons in the room to include a minotaur and the battle starts. Luckily right then Drax comes running into the room dripping wet and looking pretty pissed off from his battles with a strangler and joins the fight. Although the battle wasn’t the cleanest thing ever the group manages to kill the skeletons and Avrouke faces off against the cleric. In the end the rest of the group joins the fighter and another of Hextor’s minions are sent back to his realm.

After resting the group has to seriously think about there next move or there next may be the last…

Growing Pains

The group, known as group #42 finally returns to the city of Teara to find the gates shut. The city has been closed to adventurers due to “minor disturbances”. That being said Estaban, the master of ceremonies and the contest, has setup a tent field outside the city for the incoming groups to rest while they wait for there next mission. After 2 days of rest and purchasing/selling to the vendors, all groups are called to the makeshift stage. Estaban reads off a long list of adventurers who did not return from there missions. Groups with missing members are mixed and matched so all groups have a full party. Group #42 finds out that they actually finished another adventurer party’s quest when they accidently went into the Tora in game 1. The other team cheated though by saying they had done the job and got disqualified from the competition. Group #42 is also recognized for going above and beyond and is rewarded with gold. The ceremony ends with all groups getting there assignments.

The group’s missive reads “Go to Kingsholm and help Ian at the Cornot and Cabbage”. A map is included with directions to kingsholm. The group ventures to kingsholm and meets with Ian. It seems the giant cemetary around the village has been there forever and has been complete safe. Till now. The townsfolk tend to the cemetary and tombs. The last group of 5 never returned. So 2 town guards where sent to investigate but they too never returned. The villagers are now too scared to go back and implore the group to help them.Which after promise of payment the group agrees. They venture forth to the edge of the cemetary and enter through a well cared for black gate.

As they approach the tombs they encounter 2 wolves and 1 worg feasting on 2 bodies. After dispatching the animals 2 things become clear. The bodies are those of the guards sent to find the villagers and they where not killed by wolves.They delve into the crypt and find 4 of the villagers bodies and rescue the last member who hid in a tomb. The party delves in and destroys various undead clearing room after room. They complete the “Room of the Beholder” puzzle and come face to face with a huge ogre zombie. The beast almost kills Veritas in one hit. Feeling desperation seep in Avrouke calls to his god with all his faith to help him against the foe as he attacks. At which time avrouke floats into the air and catches on fire then explodes in a wave of positive energy. The wave does massive damage to the ogre and completely heal Veritas. After this feat Avrouke falls unconcious to the ground. Zultan runs into the room and attacks the ogre in a feat of courage but is meet with a slam from the ogre knocking him unconcious. Veritas quickly follows.

Avrouke awakens but it prompted to remain still. The ogre runs out of the room and chases Sam and Martin and run right into there trap and the 2 finish off the ogre and it falls to pieces. The group then decides to return to the village for food and rest. After a good meal and a night of rest the adventures head back to the tombs in a attempt to find out who keeps leavintg them these wonderful surprises

Oh almost forgot. Avrouke the Dwarf has grown now to 5ft tall…nothing big…yet


Each decade the rulers of Teara hold a contest of hero’s. Hero’s go through a drawing to form parties of 5 to compete. The rulers then send the groups on quests to cleanse the land of threats and evil (sometimes even evil threats). The contest is over when only one group survives. This has allowed the rulers to cheaply fight back the ever growing expansion of orc, necromancers and other such ilk. Once a party is declared the winners some of the members are chosen to join the council of hero’s that run the country. Those not selected are given great wealth and fame and sent away.

The reasons for which members they pick to join them are a guarded secret. Some believe it’s based on virtue and others on skill or power. Each of our hero’s has come to the city to compete for his own purpose (see character back story section). After a long wait the raffle puts each of our 5 hero’s together in a party and they are given a scroll with there first quest. They are to complete said quest and return to the city. When all teams return or are killed they will then hand out the second quest.

The first quest scroll reads.
Go to the following cave on the map. Cleanse evil.

The group starts its journey on foot to the cave after much grumbling on the lack of information.

“A Dark and Stormy Knight” – by Owen Kirker Clifford Stephens

Halfway through the journey

The sky has been slowly darkening all day, and
the smell of rain has been thick in the air. Now it
has finally begun to fall, accompanied by loud
peals of thunder that seem to roll across the landscape.
The sun is hidden behind massive storm clouds,
and a cold wind blows from the north. As
bolts of lightning begin to slam from cloud to
ground and pieces of hail begin to strike the
earth, the need for shelter becomes obvious.
Ahead in the distance, a large tor rises from the
ground, its form illuminated by the occasional
lightning bolt. It seems rocky and solid, and
though climbing it in this weather would be
folly, it might have some outcropping that would
provide safety from the storm. The only alternative
is to endure the weather.

The adventurers find an opening and are forced to seek shelter. The door easily opens. Unfortunately it also closes easily behind them. A feeling of evil starts growing and visibly effects Veritas and Avrouke. Unable to go back they plunge into the caves in an attempt to find another way out. The party is attacked by rats running from the lightning and a flying outsider from an ancient coffin. Avrouke calls out to Pelor to cleanse the burial room and gets a response. Light errupts in the room and when it fades the coffin is completely gone.

After defeating monstrous spider and a couple of bugbears the party finally confronts what is causing the massive oppressive feeling of evil. They find a mummified Bugbear in battle gear but he’s not as mummified as they hope. The battle was close. Avrouke got help from his god once again to everyone’s surprise when his mace lit up with holy energy.

It still looked like they may not make it till Sam jumped up and almost cut the head off the beast with one clean blow. Unfortunately the zombie hit back and almost killed Sam. Veritas quickly finished Sam’s work and made the last blow sending him back to the hell he was raised from. The party nursed there wounds and collected there treasure. Luckily the storm had passed and the door way once again worked allowing the party to continue on their journey.


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