Soul Wand

weapon (melee)

Level Abilities
5th Detect Soul 1/day
6th Soul Charge 1/day
7th Profane touch +1
8th Warlock Prestige
9th Soul Charge 2/day, Grin of the doomed +2 CHA
10th Maximize spell like ability 1/day
11th Profane touch +2
12th Infernal Hatred
13th Soul Charge 3/day
14th Etheral Jaunt
15th Profane Health +2Con
16th Quicken spell like ability 1/day
17th Profane touch +3
18th Soul Charge 4/day
19th Abilities Combined
20th Soul Charge 5/day

Detect Soul (Sp): Starting at 5th level, once per day, you can use detect soul as the spell. The save DC is 13, or 12 + your Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Caster level 5th.

Soul Charge (Su): When you reach 6th level, You can use a charge from the wand to add extra damage to your eldritch blast.
• 1 charge: +1d6 damage.
• 3 charges: +2d6 damage.
• 5 charges: +4d6 damage.

Profane touch (Su): At 7th level, you gain bonus to attack rolls when making touch or ranged touch attacks so long as you have at least 1 charge on the weapon

Warlocks Prestige (Su): Allow warlock to cast fear as spell 1/day at 8th caster level

Infernal Hatred (Sp): Beginning at 12th level, anytime you combat a infernal being you gain +1 to hit and damage bonus with all attacks while wielding soul wand and have at least one charge

Ethereal Jaunt (Su): Begining at level 14, Once per day, when you issue the command word and gesture with the item, you can become ethereal. This works like the ethereal jaunt spell. You can remain ethereal for as long as you wish, but once you return to material form, you cannot

Ablities Combined (su): Once a day you may combine all metamagic spell like abilities as you want at once for one attack free of charge so long as you have access to that feat in one form or another.


(DC 15)
The soul wand was created by Mathew Garron the original warlock during the great wars. Mathew gave up his soul to a demon to gain enough power to protect his family from the ever advancing armies. The power was more then he could handle by himself so he created a totem out of wood with the visage of the demon who granted him his infernal powers and poured a portion of his soul into it. When he did the totem hardened into metal and the result was a mace like thing of horror

(DC 20; Questionable Methods)
Mathew with his soul wand stood against the encroaching armies and destroyed them where ever they stepped foot onto his lands. He brutalized the bodies of his enemies and hung them from trees on the outskirts of the forest he lived in. This made many believe that the woods where haunted and eventually the enemy went around the forest and carried on there conquest. He had saved his family but had lost control of his soul completely. Although his family was happy that he had saved them they now feared him.

(DC 25; Absolution)
After almost killing his wife in a fit of rage Mathew knew he had lost control of himself. He begged forgiveness from his family but it mostly fell on deaf ears. He finally resolved on leaving them until he could find control this curse and regain his soul from the pits of hell. He went out attempting to put right to wrong where he could in hopes of gaining absolution for his sins. Everywhere he went though he saw the results of the invading armies on his homelands. They slaughtered the countryside with no regard and killed helpless peasants. He started trailing the invading army and managed to get ahead of it. Defending village after village from the attacks and evacuating most of the population out of the path of destruction. By the time the invading army had reached the capital of his nation they where war down and hungry. No one had ever seen a warlock in history and the powers where terrifying. When they saw Mathew standing on the battlements of the city walls they turned around and fled home.

(DC 30; Payment in full)
The king was so grateful that he put the whole of his clerics to help Mathew to find his soul. After scrying the depths of the planes the clerics of Wee Jas told him where to find his soul and opened a portal to the planes and given a guide to find the demon. After a long journey he had found the demon. After fighting for hours the demon finally gave and returned him his soul but told Mathew that he had already won. The price had already been paid. After returning to the material plane he ventured home to finally finish his life in peace. When he arrived the home was burned to the ground and his entire family had been killed by the retreating army he helped defeat. The pain was to much for Mathew to handle and he channeled his newly retrieved soul into the soul wand ending his life.

Soul Wand

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