Divine Spark


Level Abilities
5th Endure Evil
6th Silver Holy Symbol of Resistance+2
7th Turning Grace +1
8th Glow of Pelor +2 cha
9th Silver holy Symbol of resistance +3
10th Fear no Evil 1/day
11th Silver holy symbol of resistance +4
12th Turning Grace +3
13th Searing Light 1/day
14th Pelor’s grace +2 Wis
15th Silver holy symbol of resistance +5
16th Turning grace +4
17th Wrath of the Gods
18th Succor of the Gods
19th Turning Grace +5
20th Resistance +6

Endure Evil (Su): At 5th level and higher, you enjoy the constant effect of a protection from evil spell. Caster level 5th.

Turning Grace (Su): Beginning at 7th level, you turn undead as if you were one level higher in your level. You are treated as two levels higher in that class starting at 12th level, three levels higher beginning at 14th level, and four levels higher at 16th level and above.

Fear No Evil (Sp): Starting at 10th level, once per day on command, you can use magic circle against evil as the spell. The area is always centered on you. Caster level 5th.

Searing Light (Sp): At 13th level and higher, once per day on command, you can use searing light as the spell. The spell is maximized. Caster level 10th.

Wrath of the Gods: At 17th level and higher, one per day on command, you can use Flame strike as the spell. Caster level 15th

Succor of the Gods (Su): At 18th level and higher, once per day on command, you can use cure serious wounds, Caster level 15th


(DC 15)
Divine Spark was created when a great swelling evil threatened
to overrun the world and extinguish all human life. The most powerful necromancers of the known realms formed an unholy pact, creating
armies of ghouls, skeletons, wights, and zombies that wiped out
entire regions, adding the slain to their numbers. Church leaders in
the land could not afford to let bickering and religious differences
come between them any longer. One man united them— Carthid Ufander. Carthid did not believe in any deity, for what god would allow so many people to suffer at the hands of rabid, amoral creatures that made feasts out of human flesh? Carthid did believe in something greater than himself, however—the resilience of humanity. To him, nothing was more divine than this one truth.

(DC 20; Talking Stick)
As countries fell to legions of the unliving, fleeing populations were pushed farther and farther inland, away from the oceans that could carry them to safety.
They were being herded against the largest mountain range of the region, over which they could not climb fast enough to escape their pursuers. Carthid
knew this. He rode out to each pocket of humanity and urged them to combine forces rather than face extinction—they could not refuse aid, and they were
too few in number to make a stand alone. Everyone Carthid spoke to agreed. When the leaders finally met, Divine Spark was able to decipher the language of each, but only from the one who held the holy symbol to listeners. As a result, those who did not share common tongues could be heard only when one held Divine Spark while the others listened, allowing each person to speak in turn.

(DC 25; Belief in Kin)
In the span of one night, strategies were concocted, forming first, second, and third lines of defense, always keeping the mountains at the united army’s
back. Carthid gathered all the holy persons around him the next morning and meditated before battle. When the undead arrived, Divine Spark became the
focal point for every consecrated person present, allowing them to channel their turning abilities through Carthid and raise his power by a degree based on all who remained in their circle. They were unstoppable together, cutting a swath through the undead wherever they moved. If one cleric was slain, all the others’
turning abilities were immediately refreshed. No death was in vain. It quickly
became obvious the overconfident necromancers had stretched themselves too thin. That day, the tide of battle shifted without any divine intervention. The members of the human nations survived by saving themselves. Carthid disappeared into obscurity shortly thereafter, but he has long been remembered as the man who single-handedly, though only briefly, united all religions.

Divine Spark

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