Fractured Lands

Twist, turns and death

The remaining members clear the country side of threats are then tasked to find the source of all troubles and are told to look to the old keep. After fighting several of the denizens the group accidently releases a Troll. In the battle the group is scattered and the loss of Irissa Sunstrider and Damnit. Luckily Sinead ShadowStalker and Telkar ventured into the ruins. One looking to abolish the shadow and the other in search or magical power. Together with the rest of the party they manage to trap the troll and prevail against the Shadow-mage/Lich and recovered the artifact and sword.

After returning the items and gaining a small sum on gold a fight breaks out between Thokk and the two brothers. The rest of the party joins the match and the Brothers run with the money. In the flight Titus Proudmor is struck down by Thokk. Meachum Proudmor confronted the priestess and then went missing.

The group is given information and clues to very personnal quests and in return asked to return in one year. All agreed and went there own ways


RobertMiles RobertMiles

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