Fractured Lands

Travel like a Gnome

Luckily for Telkar the gnomes don’t really have a mill but super handy and completely mechanized leaf jeep. The vehicle is able to travel and unheard of speeds across land. It flies for short periods of times allowing passage over the mountains and once they reached the sea it turns out it also can travel on the water. In short order they find themselves on the beach of the tower.

They waste little time and head straight for the tower and gain entry. Only to find themselves in a maze of very small corridors which are inhabited by ghosts who grab at them from corners and through walls. Telkar and Emma Shortankard both use teleportation spells of a sort and find themselves transported into another room all together and being pulled downstairs by some type of magic. They fight it off and both head upstairs only to find themselves on the top of the tower. There a giant gem pulsating magical power is sitting with a naga wrapped around it guarding it.

Eventually the other members find there way to the middle and Torgal orcsbane manages to trigger the middle pedastol and teleport upstairs to Telkar and Emma. The 3 fight the naga and after breaking the crystal unleash magic into the creature that makes it even more powerful. Eventually they defeat the creature though. resulting in a large blast that knocks them all off the roof.


RobertMiles RobertMiles

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