Fractured Lands

So you want to be a hero?

After the adventurers had rested and woken the next morning they where the priestess Shandril asks for the groups assistance. The orc clan that raided the city have been known to her for decades and they have never attacked. Travelers are disappearing and any of the scouts sent out have not returned. The group is given several key locations where people have been known to go missing and asked to investigate.

Due to the recent attack though she worries for the town and asks Thokk to stay behind. In his stead she introduces a Paladin of Freya, Irissa Sunstrider, who just recently arrived from the Elven Capital. Together the team decides to head to the closest are of interest.

After a day and a half travel by foot and small battle with blood sucking bugs the team finds bloody tracks leading away into a corpse of trees. After tracking the blood through the woods they find themselves face to face with a owl-bear. The team manages to kill the owlbear and skin the beast for a trophy or money? Who can say.

The journey to the next marker was interrupted by a group of goblins lead by a ogre. The group fought bravely and in true paladin fashion Irissa Sunstrider sacrifices herself trying to fight the beast and is hit so hard that there isn’t even a recognizable part that one could say was human. As the beast was on the next move to finish Damnit bolts of black energy come smashing out of the forest laying low the beast.

Walking out of the forest is the fabled Zoltan, without even pausing to speak to the group he lifts the bodies of the Ogre and what remains of Irissa. He proceeded to crush the Ogre, removing his blood and infusing and filling the body of Irissa. After he was finished she was found whole and alive. Zoltan giving his ancient hand signal simply said “Everybody gets one.” and disappeared

Finally they reached the area and found a large run down tower with the sound of the most wonderful female singing a sad song accompanied by a poorly played harp.As the group argues what there next move should be Damnit decided to take matters into his own hand and simply knock on the door. The harp music stopped immediately and suddenly the ground shook and the door banged open revealing a giant 2 headed Ettin. One head seemed to be asleep and the one awake actually spoke to the adventurers. After some skillful diplomacy from Irissa Sunstrider they find he’s actually only half evil and luckily for them the evil half is asleep. They barter the owl-bear skin for the girls freedom.

Having successfully rescued the girl without bloodshed the team ventures back to Fairhill and returns the girl to her father the local blacksmith. He is so grateful he crafts a single Masterwork Platemail suit as a reward.


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