Fractured Lands

Off road driving. Gnome Style

The group goes to battle stations and tries to defend the jeep as it jets towards the final portal. Using robotic arms and guns they manage to fend off attacks. They start to loose control of the vehicle when Adotiln Shortankard rolls out of a compartment slightly drunk and surely. He takes control over from Hewitt Gearbit and they get back on track. Hewitt meanwhile goes around repairing each section trying to keep things together.

Telkar decides to take the lift in the middle to the roof and starts summoning Elementals and shooting fireballs. The group is being overwhelmed when they hit the turbo button on the control panel and the jeep goes crazy. The guns start shooting special ammo, the arms start attacking faster and Telkar is supercharged by arcane energy from the jeep power-source.

The group starts dropping Demon after demon. Eventually Telkar traps 3 demons with a grappling hook and channeling Hellfire through the cords causes a near atomic explosion when they all ran into each other. Half melted and out of energy the jeep comes to a rest right at the foot of the portal. Right then out steps a 6 foot demon who casually kicks the jeep out of the way and declares

“This world now belongs to ORCUS!”


RobertMiles RobertMiles

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