Fractured Lands

Is it hot in here?

The group fights its way through a extremely hot and steamy caves that the devils use to their advantage. The group is continuously fighting to not succumb to the heat. After playing cat and mouse with a patrols they reach the final chamber. Inside the manage to defeat the guardian Demons and find the rest of the way is locked away behind some kind of magical gem encrusted control panel.

Abdul decides to take his party and return to the priestess so they can return on time and hopes to gain the knowledge on how to open the rest of the dungeon.

Meanwhile Telkar and party have stumbled upon a couple of undercover gnomes disguised as millers. They are researching Ectoplasmic fields and energy patterns and would like to accompany them on the trip to the wizards tower. The problem is it’s only going to be visible for a short time before it shifts back to another dimension and it’s across the Continent and across the ocean.


RobertMiles RobertMiles

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