Fractured Lands

Family Re-unions

After defeating Meecham and his followers the group recovers the earth relic for Freya and return it to the Priestess. She gives information to find the desires of Abdul and Telkar. The party splits as Abdul Akheer, Sinead Shadowstalker, Thokk all go to the great desert in search of Abdul’s brother. At the same time Telkar, Torgal orcsbane, Willes De Hughes all went in search of the lost Wizards Acadamy.

Abdul and party venture forth in a Caravan and finally meet up with his brother Abdus Akheer. They also add Abdus’s bodyguard Antar the Lion and Abdul’s trading partner and bard Tim Turtle. It’s apparant from the beginning that the Demon Orcus has taken a personal interest as they are waylaid by demons and his followers through out there journey.

Finally they arrive at the Temple of Shaytan. Abdus tells Abdul that the truth of their parents is in there.


RobertMiles RobertMiles

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