Fractured Lands

Can't we rest?

Zultan request that they finish clearing out the tower. The group does but they end up loosing Willie De Hughes in the process. They did find out though that there are dimensional disturbances all over the world coming from the 7th level of hell itself. Zultan eventually shows up tired and explains he’s been closing them as fast as he can but there are too many and he’s tired. Right then the alarms go off and a giant portal tries to open right over the tower.

Zultan says he will hold it as long as he can and tells them to run and get to the main portal. If they can close that then all of the other portals will close also. The group runs and jumps in the leaf jeep and heads for the mainland. Right as they reach the mainland Zultan looses his control of the portal and it opens up to unleash hordes of winged demons who immediatly head straight for the jeep.


RobertMiles RobertMiles

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