Fractured Lands

Final round
No happy ending

We did not do a full write up for this particular game but here’s the rough overview

Both teams end up going through the portal. One went to destroy his brother and attempt to free his father. In the end his father dies and his brother is killed. The last piece of Freya is obtained. The other group finds and rescues a young boy with tremendous holy powers who turns out to be the son of Veritas. In the end Veritas himself comes to hell to save his son but is trapped himself in doing so.

They battle there way out and seal the portal. They give the Freya priestest her last piece unleashing yet another evil god on the Fractured lands. The whole continent is at war. Demons are everywhere. There are war horns being sounded on all sides and false king has been had. The people are revolting.

Worse of all the gods have gone silent. The followers of Veritas are slowly losing there powers. The group splits up. Some stay with the boy. Others return home to try and fight off the inevitable. The gnomes start to rebuild the Wizards college.

A giant mech by any other name

The heroes find themselves in a mostly wrecked leaf jeep and facing a 6 story demon and thousands upon thousands of demon’s pouring through the portal. There only chance is to radio for re-reinforcements but the antenna is broken. The group fails to try and fix it with any sense of stealth and gain the attention of one of the lesser demons flying everywhere. They fight until they finally manage to radio support and it comes.

Armored gnomes start falling to the ground all over the landscape and start a giant shooting match with legions of devils. The gnomes call in to there orbital station and call down there biggest weapon. A 6 story giant Robot. The heroes are tossed inside to fight this giant devil and dispite loosing complete control of one of the arms manages to fight back. Eventually they unleash a giant 2 handed sword and cut the devils head right off.

Telkar then unleashes all the power in the core straight into the rift. Thousands of demons are destroyed in a split second and the portal is closed at last. Unfortunatly the Robot is completely drained and useless now. Zulan gives Telkar “The Book of Prophecy” so that he may eventually decode and know the truth of what they face. They all make there way to the priestess at last to rejoin the main group.

When all everyone, including a new adventurer Sonmal SIlverkin finally meet up with the priestess they find out that they had already uncovered the artifact of Spirit on Telkar’s adventurers and that Abdul had secured the site of the fire relic on his adventures. All 10 make their way to the desert cave of Shaytan.

When they finally meet up with Abdus he instructs half of the crew to remain outside to guard their backs.

Abdul Akheer, Telkar, Torgal orcsbane, Sinead Shadowstalker and Sonmal SIlverkin all dive into the portal followed by Abdus and Antar.

Meanwhile Hewitt Gearbit, Tim Turtle, Thokk, Adotiln Shortankard and Emma Shortankard await outside to guard the portal. After an hour they are greated by a army of knights of Veritas demanding entry. Some banter is traded back and forth but in the end the small group of 5 decides to fight.

Off road driving. Gnome Style

The group goes to battle stations and tries to defend the jeep as it jets towards the final portal. Using robotic arms and guns they manage to fend off attacks. They start to loose control of the vehicle when Adotiln Shortankard rolls out of a compartment slightly drunk and surely. He takes control over from Hewitt Gearbit and they get back on track. Hewitt meanwhile goes around repairing each section trying to keep things together.

Telkar decides to take the lift in the middle to the roof and starts summoning Elementals and shooting fireballs. The group is being overwhelmed when they hit the turbo button on the control panel and the jeep goes crazy. The guns start shooting special ammo, the arms start attacking faster and Telkar is supercharged by arcane energy from the jeep power-source.

The group starts dropping Demon after demon. Eventually Telkar traps 3 demons with a grappling hook and channeling Hellfire through the cords causes a near atomic explosion when they all ran into each other. Half melted and out of energy the jeep comes to a rest right at the foot of the portal. Right then out steps a 6 foot demon who casually kicks the jeep out of the way and declares

“This world now belongs to ORCUS!”

Can't we rest?

Zultan request that they finish clearing out the tower. The group does but they end up loosing Willie De Hughes in the process. They did find out though that there are dimensional disturbances all over the world coming from the 7th level of hell itself. Zultan eventually shows up tired and explains he’s been closing them as fast as he can but there are too many and he’s tired. Right then the alarms go off and a giant portal tries to open right over the tower.

Zultan says he will hold it as long as he can and tells them to run and get to the main portal. If they can close that then all of the other portals will close also. The group runs and jumps in the leaf jeep and heads for the mainland. Right as they reach the mainland Zultan looses his control of the portal and it opens up to unleash hordes of winged demons who immediatly head straight for the jeep.

Travel like a Gnome

Luckily for Telkar the gnomes don’t really have a mill but super handy and completely mechanized leaf jeep. The vehicle is able to travel and unheard of speeds across land. It flies for short periods of times allowing passage over the mountains and once they reached the sea it turns out it also can travel on the water. In short order they find themselves on the beach of the tower.

They waste little time and head straight for the tower and gain entry. Only to find themselves in a maze of very small corridors which are inhabited by ghosts who grab at them from corners and through walls. Telkar and Emma Shortankard both use teleportation spells of a sort and find themselves transported into another room all together and being pulled downstairs by some type of magic. They fight it off and both head upstairs only to find themselves on the top of the tower. There a giant gem pulsating magical power is sitting with a naga wrapped around it guarding it.

Eventually the other members find there way to the middle and Torgal orcsbane manages to trigger the middle pedastol and teleport upstairs to Telkar and Emma. The 3 fight the naga and after breaking the crystal unleash magic into the creature that makes it even more powerful. Eventually they defeat the creature though. resulting in a large blast that knocks them all off the roof.

Is it hot in here?

The group fights its way through a extremely hot and steamy caves that the devils use to their advantage. The group is continuously fighting to not succumb to the heat. After playing cat and mouse with a patrols they reach the final chamber. Inside the manage to defeat the guardian Demons and find the rest of the way is locked away behind some kind of magical gem encrusted control panel.

Abdul decides to take his party and return to the priestess so they can return on time and hopes to gain the knowledge on how to open the rest of the dungeon.

Meanwhile Telkar and party have stumbled upon a couple of undercover gnomes disguised as millers. They are researching Ectoplasmic fields and energy patterns and would like to accompany them on the trip to the wizards tower. The problem is it’s only going to be visible for a short time before it shifts back to another dimension and it’s across the Continent and across the ocean.

Family Re-unions

After defeating Meecham and his followers the group recovers the earth relic for Freya and return it to the Priestess. She gives information to find the desires of Abdul and Telkar. The party splits as Abdul Akheer, Sinead Shadowstalker, Thokk all go to the great desert in search of Abdul’s brother. At the same time Telkar, Torgal orcsbane, Willes De Hughes all went in search of the lost Wizards Acadamy.

Abdul and party venture forth in a Caravan and finally meet up with his brother Abdus Akheer. They also add Abdus’s bodyguard Antar the Lion and Abdul’s trading partner and bard Tim Turtle. It’s apparant from the beginning that the Demon Orcus has taken a personal interest as they are waylaid by demons and his followers through out there journey.

Finally they arrive at the Temple of Shaytan. Abdus tells Abdul that the truth of their parents is in there.

Reunions and ruin

The party re-unites a year later. Each has spent there time striving for some personal goal or another. The Priestess adds 2 new members to the party as well. Torgal orcsbane ,a Dwarven Knight, joined to prove his mantle. While Willis DeHughes, a Human Hex Blade, has decided to join for reasons unknown. The group is tasked with finding the second part of the artifact. The group travels to city walled in by trees and are meet by rangers and animals in there attempts to enter the temple. The group runs into an old friend. Meechum is barring there way and he has a new pet rhino.

Twist, turns and death

The remaining members clear the country side of threats are then tasked to find the source of all troubles and are told to look to the old keep. After fighting several of the denizens the group accidently releases a Troll. In the battle the group is scattered and the loss of Irissa Sunstrider and Damnit. Luckily Sinead ShadowStalker and Telkar ventured into the ruins. One looking to abolish the shadow and the other in search or magical power. Together with the rest of the party they manage to trap the troll and prevail against the Shadow-mage/Lich and recovered the artifact and sword.

After returning the items and gaining a small sum on gold a fight breaks out between Thokk and the two brothers. The rest of the party joins the match and the Brothers run with the money. In the flight Titus Proudmor is struck down by Thokk. Meachum Proudmor confronted the priestess and then went missing.

The group is given information and clues to very personnal quests and in return asked to return in one year. All agreed and went there own ways

So you want to be a hero?

After the adventurers had rested and woken the next morning they where the priestess Shandril asks for the groups assistance. The orc clan that raided the city have been known to her for decades and they have never attacked. Travelers are disappearing and any of the scouts sent out have not returned. The group is given several key locations where people have been known to go missing and asked to investigate.

Due to the recent attack though she worries for the town and asks Thokk to stay behind. In his stead she introduces a Paladin of Freya, Irissa Sunstrider, who just recently arrived from the Elven Capital. Together the team decides to head to the closest are of interest.

After a day and a half travel by foot and small battle with blood sucking bugs the team finds bloody tracks leading away into a corpse of trees. After tracking the blood through the woods they find themselves face to face with a owl-bear. The team manages to kill the owlbear and skin the beast for a trophy or money? Who can say.

The journey to the next marker was interrupted by a group of goblins lead by a ogre. The group fought bravely and in true paladin fashion Irissa Sunstrider sacrifices herself trying to fight the beast and is hit so hard that there isn’t even a recognizable part that one could say was human. As the beast was on the next move to finish Damnit bolts of black energy come smashing out of the forest laying low the beast.

Walking out of the forest is the fabled Zoltan, without even pausing to speak to the group he lifts the bodies of the Ogre and what remains of Irissa. He proceeded to crush the Ogre, removing his blood and infusing and filling the body of Irissa. After he was finished she was found whole and alive. Zoltan giving his ancient hand signal simply said “Everybody gets one.” and disappeared

Finally they reached the area and found a large run down tower with the sound of the most wonderful female singing a sad song accompanied by a poorly played harp.As the group argues what there next move should be Damnit decided to take matters into his own hand and simply knock on the door. The harp music stopped immediately and suddenly the ground shook and the door banged open revealing a giant 2 headed Ettin. One head seemed to be asleep and the one awake actually spoke to the adventurers. After some skillful diplomacy from Irissa Sunstrider they find he’s actually only half evil and luckily for them the evil half is asleep. They barter the owl-bear skin for the girls freedom.

Having successfully rescued the girl without bloodshed the team ventures back to Fairhill and returns the girl to her father the local blacksmith. He is so grateful he crafts a single Masterwork Platemail suit as a reward.


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