What’s next?

Years have passed since Group #42 won the contest and mysteriously vanished after saving the world from the destruction of a fake Demon God. The counsel of hero’s is completely gone and the churches of the old gods have regain there positions. The world is safe but not at peace. The kingdom has a king but not everyone is willing to follow.

Kingdoms from across the sea are threatening war now that they smell blood in the water. Monsters still walk the land causing trouble for the good people of Kel Teara. The king has posted rewards for hero’s willing to fight back but who will answer the call?


Notes about this Campaign

Some of you who may read this Campaign info might see several pieces of different adventurers and worlds just changed to fit our custom world that we play in. Some things like Legendary weapons are very different in stats but alot of the story is the same.

So in the end if you see something that just doesn’t look right..it’s probably that way on purpose.

Fractured Lands

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